Development status of casting mold industry

The improvement of the production technology level of mold companies and the application of high-tech in the design and manufacture of molds have become a powerful guarantee for the rapid production of high-quality molds. The application of CAD/CAM/CAE shows the superiority of using information technology to drive and enhance the mold industry. CAD/CAM/CAE has become a commonly used technology for mold companies. CAD/CAM integration technology has been widely used in the casting mold industry. At present, the software used for two-dimensional design is mainly AutoCAD, and the software used for three-dimensional design is more, mainly including Pro/E, UG, Cimatron, etc.

At present, the 3D design of the FAW Foundry Mould Factory has reached more than 95%. After the 3D design, the 3D virtual assembly detection technology is used to check the assembly interference, which ensures the quality of the mold design and the rationality of the design and process. The three-dimensional data is edited by CAM software, and the NC code is directly transmitted to the numerical control equipment for mold processing. The universal application of CNC machine tools ensures the machining accuracy and quality of mold parts, and greatly improves the accuracy and production efficiency of molds. CAE technology is also gradually being applied to actual design and production. CAE technology is used to simulate the metal filling process, analyze the cooling process, predict possible defects in the forming process, and solidification simulation in the early stage of product development, which greatly optimizes the process design and shortens Test time. FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. Foundry Mold Factory has begun to apply CAE technology to simulate and analyze the flow field and temperature field in the design of some large and complex molds, such as engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, and gearbox housing molds, and the process yield has been greatly improved improve.

Post time: Sep-28-2020
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