Well-designed Tube Socket for Colombia Factory

 Tube Socket for Colombia Factory

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The company is specialized in casting mould technology design, tooling development, mould   making,gravity casting aluminum alloy products, machining service as a whole, and has 36 seniorr&dengineers. 20 years experience in professional mould making.Strong technical team with certain research and development capabilities.Full machinery focus on quality and after-sales service.

Payment & Delivery

Payment Terms: 30% for deposit, 70% before shipment.

Package Details: usually use the standard 1200*800mm wood pallet, but can customized packaging according to the different products.

Delivery45 days after order confirmation.


Factory Equipment

There are 4 workshops in the company which including tooling workshop, casting workshop , machining workshop ,cleaning workshop and one full-equipped laboratory.

Factory Equipment

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China Foundry Expo

Participate in China Foundry Expo every year.



Q:Plant Maturity – Years in service?

A:24 hour

Q:Project Management is existed for new production?

A:Yes,We have

Q:Ownership – Main Share Holders?

A:Private Comp.

Q:Export License and/ or Experience?


Q:Products Development time?

A:2 Month.

Q:Products Cycle time ?

A:2 Weeks.


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"Control the quality by the details, show the strength by quality". Our company has strived to establish a highly efficient and stable staff team and explored an effective quality control process for Well-designed Tube Socket for Colombia Factory, We also ensure that your selection will be crafted with the highest quality and reliability. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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