Doser in Production

This is a single screw doser system with a hopper capacity of 0.5m3. The machine has a small footprint, with a modular design making it easy to transport and very simple to assemble on site.

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No Waste

With exact quantities dispensed every time, there is no waste concrete, saving time and money. By ensuring the exact quantity of concrete is dispatched every time your products will be accurate. That means that your customers receive standard sized products, (meaning same thickness) and you are not wasting concrete, or worst under filling meaning more waste.

Guaranteed Accuracy

The Armcon doser has been designed specifically to dose the exact same quantity every time — all your products will contain precisely the same amount of mix.

Easy Operation

The doser is operated by means of a foot pedal, making it a “hands free” process. The operator is in full control without the need for a control panel or cabling. There is also the option of automatic operation.

Consistency of Mix

Concrete flow is assisted by a vibrator fitted to the side of the hopper unit meaning there is a consistent mixture flow from the machine.

Level Indication

As with the machine detailed in your email, once the operator has become familiar with the machine, they will know how many products it will yield from a batch, therefore no level indication system is required (keeping the cost low).


The drive motor and gearbox are fully enclosed, i.e. no moving parts exposed.


The Doser fits on one pallet for easy worldwide shipping, where ever you are.

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Post time: Oct-22-2017
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