Hot sale Factory Cylinder Block Mold Wholesale to Milan

Hot sale Factory
 Cylinder Block Mold Wholesale to Milan

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The company is specialized in casting mould technology design, tooling development, mould   making,gravity casting aluminum alloy products, machining service as a whole, and has 36 seniorr&dengineers. 20 years experience in professional mould making.Strong technical team with certain research and development capabilities.Full machinery focus on quality and after-sales service.

Payment & Delivery

Payment Terms: 30% for deposit, 70% before shipment.

Package Details: usually use the standard 1200*800mm wood pallet, but can customized packaging according to the different products.

Delivery45 days after order confirmation.


Factory Equipment

There are 4 workshops in the company which including tooling workshop, casting workshop , machining workshop ,cleaning workshop and one full-equipped laboratory.

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China Foundry Expo

Participate in China Foundry Expo every year.



Q:Plant Maturity – Years in service?

A:24 hour

Q:Project Management is existed for new production?

A:Yes,We have

Q:Ownership – Main Share Holders?

A:Private Comp.

Q:Export License and/ or Experience?


Q:Products Development time?

A:2 Month.

Q:Products Cycle time ?

A:2 Weeks.


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With the "Client-Oriented" business philosophy, a rigorous quality control system, advanced manufacturing equipment and a strong R&D team, we always provide high quality products, excellent services and competitive prices for Hot sale Factory Cylinder Block Mold Wholesale to Milan, We always welcome new and old customers presents us with valuable advice and proposals for cooperation, let us grow and develop together, and to contribute to our community and staff!

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  • Part 3 of 3 Core sand casting experiment tutorials

    Following the HUGE success of the Sand casting introduction tutorials

    The sculpture team at Camberwell spent the day experimenting with core making.

    ….Some details of the ingredients of the cores that we made but they’re still in the experimental stage for us.The core mould was a metal tube about an inch in diameter cut in half lengthways,care been taken to get it exactly in half otherwise the core would stick as you saw.

    For the oil cores I used a mixture of silica sand and fine sharp sand, about 50% of each.To this mixture was added 3% of boiled linseed oil and then well mixed plus a small amount of water, just to slightly dampen it and make it more usable. This mix was quite soft and difficult to get out of the mould without breaking, so I added about 50% green sand which seemed to work OK. The resulting cores should then be baked to harden or in this case put on a metal plate on top of the furnace after a pour had taken place.

    As the cores were cylindrical, after about half an hour I moved the cores along the metal plate to distribute the heat more evenly, as the furnace was cooling down. They were then left on the cooling furnace until the next day.

    As for the cores that were hardened by CO2, again a mixture of silica sand 60% and fine sharp sand 40%, to this was added about 3% of sodium silicate, which was quite difficult to mix in, plus a small amount of water to make it usable. (In later experiment I added water to the sodium silicate to add to the sand but this produced a core that was quite hard and difficult to get out of the metal casting. Possibly due to a higher amount of sodium silicate and water? More experimentation needed here.) The core mix was then compacted in the core mould with a vent made by a wire through the middle to aid in the dispersion of the CO2 and gases during the metal pour. CO2 was then introduced into the core mix while it was still in the mould and left for a few minutes to harden before removal from the mould.

    This is just a quick run-down of events, I hope it is of some use.


    Thanks for watching.

    EDIT** I have not worked on this for three years. I’ve moved onto forms of programming. If you’re interested in game development, but you don’t know where to start, try search XNA for C# or VB.Net. XNA is a DirectX wrapper made by Microsoft. (NOTE: Microsoft has abandoned XNA, but it’s still a GREAT framework for learning. I recommend it. Otherwise try MonoGame, which has identical namespace and class names to XNA.)
    You could always PM me about game dev

    I made this in VB.Net, and i still am working on it. Just posted it to see some comments.
    I will make a story line where when you meet Team Rocket, you either fight against them or with them. You choose sides, your choice! I will upload a full game when i am done.

    As of now there are double layers, which i added recently. So if you go behind a building, you cant see your legs. Before, your character just appears on top of the building.

    It’s hard work, making each script. And the coding done in VB.Net is a pain. It’s easy but it took me a while to completely eliminate flicker. Anyways I think it’s going good.

    I have made the collision detector, but i haven’t added the collisions array yet(to the ones who know what I’m talking about). I also made my own application that makes the collisions automatically. So I don’t need to worry about it.

    To all hackers out there. I will make sure the offsets values are encrypted so you wont be able to edit the game with a offset editor(Cheat Engine). I will make the save files safe so if you edit them, the game disregards them. And your save game is lost. I don’t like hacks and cheats. (EDIT 6/17/2017: lol I was such a scrub back then)

    Well wait for an update.

    Thanks Again


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