Factory making Oil Filter to Argentina Manufacturer

Factory making
 Oil Filter to Argentina Manufacturer

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The company is specialized in casting mould technology design, tooling development, mould   making,gravity casting aluminum alloy products, machining service as a whole, and has 36 seniorr&dengineers. 20 years experience in professional mould making.Strong technical team with certain research and development capabilities.Full machinery focus on quality and after-sales service.

Payment & Delivery

Payment Terms: 30% for deposit, 70% before shipment.

Package Details: usually use the standard 1200*800mm wood pallet, but can customized packaging according to the different products.

Delivery45 days after order confirmation.


Factory Equipment

There are 4 workshops in the company which including tooling workshop, casting workshop , machining workshop ,cleaning workshop and one full-equipped laboratory.

Factory Equipment

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Our Service


China Foundry Expo

Participate in China Foundry Expo every year.



Q:Plant Maturity – Years in service?

A:24 hour

Q:Project Management is existed for new production?

A:Yes,We have

Q:Ownership – Main Share Holders?

A:Private Comp.

Q:Export License and/ or Experience?


Q:Products Development time?

A:2 Month.

Q:Products Cycle time ?

A:2 Weeks.


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The key to our success is "Good Product Quality, Reasonable Price and Efficient Service" for Factory making Oil Filter to Argentina Manufacturer, Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our product, we will give you a surprice for Qulity and Price.

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    Fix I made when the air conditioning blower stopped functioning to my Toyota Corolla 2002. The end result was that the blower motor died and needed a replacement. I saved a lot of money by doing it myself. I can make a how to video if enough people wish to see it.

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