Cheapest Factory Flywheel Shell (Back) for Mozambique Manufacturer

Cheapest Factory
 Flywheel Shell (Back) for Mozambique Manufacturer

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  • Hi , people ,

    Another compilation of pictures that I had shot a few years ago , ………these lures are my own versions of the proven old “Heddon’s Lucky13″ , …….real pike killers May thru October here in the northern hemisphere .

    Tie them on a short and light single strand wire leader , cast out and let the ripples die away and jerk the lure with a flick from the wrist , ……it will then duck under with a popping sound and travel back at about 1 1/2 to 2 feet depth(45cms to 60cms) sporting a lazy tail wiggle and pulling a trace of airbubbles .
    Let lure pop back to the surface after 8 to 10 feet (2,5m to 3,0m)of retrieve and repeat , ….work it back in this manner all thru the entire retrieve , ….it even often calls pike to come and investigate , if worked on the same spot of water for a longer time , ………and then they’d most likely smash it !

    Use round dowels of lighter wood , approx . 1″ x 3 .75″ (25mm x 90mm) or about equal body dimensions relations , …..the lure should not get to hang too deep for best function , ….a longer lower lip and a line tie placed too high will cause the lure to overturn on the intitial jerk , ………after my experiences any added ballast will slow down the wiggling action on the dive .

    Make sure to furnish the head cupping in a position , that the belly screweye would run CROSSWISE thru the woodgrain , ……adds a lot of stability and prevents tearing out wood pieces on the finished lure .

    Good luck , …..greetz , 61diemai

    workshop at Al Green sculpture studio

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